21 Jan The Road Not Taken December 2015

  The Road Not Taken Robert Frost wrote this poem in 1920 about how a traveler was faced with a choice. There were two paths to choose from and he was unable to see the end of the roads because of trees and bushes that blocked his view. Both...

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21 Jan JNJ A 31 Year Streak November 2015

A 31 year streak.                 Healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) has grown its earnings per share for an impressive 31 years in a row. Year after year, recession or not, this company grew its earnings. Not only that, they have...

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21 Jan Primary Season -October 2015

It is finally here.  I do dread primary season. Particularly Presidential primary season. We have an early primary in South Carolina; so the candidates work us over pretty hard for a good showing before they move on to the next primary states. The candidates are desperate...

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